Chengdu’s new anti-police force: beautiful women

China’s Chengguan (城管), or city administive police are notorious for their violent treatment of unregistered street vendors. But it seems they may have finally met their match.

According to a report in Guangzhou’s Southern Metropolis Daily, a group of Chengguan in Chengdu were prevented from beating a fruit vendor by a group of ‘beautiful/sexy women’ (美女).

The incident occured in the Yanshikou area of Chengdu on the 14th of May. According to reports from Sina weibo, the blue overalled vendor pictured above was selling yangmei (a kind of berried fruit) from a pole, when he was beaten and kicked to the ground by some Chengguan, who trampled on his fruit for good measure. Seeing how the elderly vendor was being treated, a group of beautiful women ‘became indignant’, and prevented the Chengguan from driving away in their vehicle. A large angry group formed, and some onlookers threw the remaining squashed fruit at the Chengguan’s vehicle, before it was towed away.

Reports of the heroic actions of the beautiful women have been spreading on weibo, where one user dubbed them the ‘most beautiful beautiful women’.

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