Glass, and believing in something.

Cao Dewang is a billionaire glass manufacturer, ranked as the 840th richest person in the world by Forbes in 2007. His company, Fuyao, sells glass to foreign automobile companies. Recently, Cao Dewang has been giving away a lot of his money.

Cao winning a world entrepreneur award, 2009

Cao is a Buddhist, and sometimes he donates his money to restoring Buddhist temples. This one, finished in 2006, was his first. It’s the only Buddhist Pagoda to be made entirely out of copper.

this temple is on Jiuhua Mountain, Anhui Province

Cao has donated to three other temples. One is on mount Putuo, near Shanghai, and another is in Fujian, his home province. Here’s a small picture of a large elephant statue from his latest project, the Chongen (崇恩)temple.

any idea where this temple is?

“I restore temples because of my private belief, I think China needs religion and soul” he said in an interview published last week.

“People need to believe in something, anything will do. I’m just worried about people believing in nothing” he said.

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One Response to Glass, and believing in something.

  1. zuer says:

    the company was top one in glass field. it was state ownership. Really a big change that he became the top share holder of it…

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