China’s craziest Man Utd fan?

Manchester United’s recent Premier League victory pleased a lot of fans in China. The league is probably the UK’s most successful cultural export here, and Man U. are amongst the most popular teams. But one of their Chinese fans was slightly less excited by the team’s  success, a Chengdu Sports College student named Xu Jia.

Chinese united fans, yesterday

According to this report, a couple of months ago Xu Jia expressed his complete confidence in the team by vowing to classmates that if they won the title, he would run a complete circuit of Chengdu’s second ring road. And when Man U. did just that, he stayed true to his word.

Setting off on a breakfast consisting of a can of Red Bull, a chocolate bar, and some dried beef, Xu Jia completed the 51 kilometer run in eight hours 15 minutes. At times he wanted to give up out of hunger. “But I knew if I sat down I wouldn’t have the will to go on”, he said. A  testament to the passion some Chinese fans have for English football.

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