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Questions about a baoan (after Barthelme)

How long has the baoan been at his post? Does the baoan have a slight ache in his jaw? Where does the baoan put the cloth after he’s washed his feet? Does the baoan remember his dreams? Last night, did … Continue reading

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Guest blogging on Asian Correspondent

There will be a bit less posting here for a while, as I’m writing some similar things for Topics covered so far: Skyscrapers and cigarette lighters. Posts can be found at or point your rss reader at:

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Lights, camera, violence

It’s not unusual to find unemployed actors doing odd jobs to get by, but Beijing’s aspiring thespians have hit upon a new source of income: stepping in to control violent land-rights disputes. According to this report, some villagers in the … Continue reading

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Two ways to out-earn a Chinese graduate

Millions of Chinese students who sat the university entrance exam last week might have been better off staying home. University graduates in Beijing earn on average 1000 Yuan a month less than delivery workers, while truck drivers in Tianjin can … Continue reading

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China’s craziest Man Utd fan?

Manchester United’s recent Premier League victory pleased a lot of fans in China. The league is probably the UK’s most successful cultural export here, and Man U. are amongst the most popular teams. But one of their Chinese fans was slightly … Continue reading

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Glass, and believing in something.

Cao Dewang is a billionaire glass manufacturer, ranked as the 840th richest person in the world by Forbes in 2007. His company, Fuyao, sells glass to foreign automobile companies. Recently, Cao Dewang has been giving away a lot of his … Continue reading

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Chengdu’s new anti-police force: beautiful women

China’s Chengguan (城管), or city administive police are notorious for their violent treatment of unregistered street vendors. But it seems they may have finally met their match. According to a report in Guangzhou’s Southern Metropolis Daily, a group of Chengguan … Continue reading

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